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Name:René Johann Magus Tobit Asmodeus

René Johann Magus Tobit Asmodeus
Prince of Hell | Lord of the Second Level of Hell | Great Duke of Temptation and Lust

For as long as there have been angels, there were demons lurking in the shadows, providing the other half of the great game of chess that wages on in the world. The difference was, where the angels stayed in heaven to watch and influence on high, most removed from the situation, the demons had swarmed into the land of the middle ground. Lived, learned and adapted with the humans. Influencing and being influenced alike. For every idea a demon put into man's head, he learned a new evil, a new cruelty only the creativity of human minds could fathom.

And then they began to realize. Humans were not the pawns of the great chess match, to be swayed from one side or the other. They were an entirely new set to the board. A third side to wage against or win over. Few know this as well as René. For every religion, René has another name, another legend, another whispered tale in the dark of awe and fear, lust and longing, desire and the need to resist. From the arrival of the very first humans, he has been there, watching and learning and amusing himself with the comings and goings of the human race. He stopped caring about the war of sides thousands of years ago.

The world was so much more interesting thrown in chaos than it would be if either side ever won. No. René like the humans. They were cruel, creative, and endlessly fascinating. He stopped being an agent of darkness long ago, lost between the cracks, too ancient to be forgotten or remembered. Lesser demons who still know who he is don't dare to challenge him, those who have forgotten, never seem to notice him, and through it all he strolls among the humans and pulls their strings to watch them dance and squirm, left to his own devices, neither a pawn or a risk in the eyes of his brothers, below or on high.

He was an angel once, long ago. Legends claim he never truly fell. His wings never clipped, his grace never stricken, just forgotten and ignored in favor of the world he found beneath the clouds.

The only consistency in the legends surrounding the demon of many names are the sins he so enthusiastically delights in and encourages. The demon of temptation. The face of lust. He sets fire to the blood of mortals. René has never been content to sit by and watch the fruits of his labors.

He always was the hands on sort.

Mun and Muse 18+.
Not Ben Barnes or a Demon. This journal exists for role-play, not profit or representation.
Posts and RP involving René tend to be of a very adult and often violent nature.
Do not get in bed with the lion if you are not prepared to face his teeth and claws.
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